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Track Your Lifestyle Changes For Maximum Healthy Longevity With The Most Advanced Test On The Market!

TimeKeeper™ DNA Methylation Kit

Do you know how old you really are?

Understand your biological age, aging risk factors and extend your healthy lifespan by making sure you're doing the right interventions with our revolutionary DNA methylation kit!

An Innovative Testing Kit

Do you have these questions when it comes to your health?

Is my new supplement working?

Should I change my exercise routine?

Am I aging well?

What am I doing wrong?

What am I doing right?

Product Description

Do you really know how old you are?

Are you aging faster or slower than your classmates? Your body has two ages, a chronological age, which is how many years you have been on the planet, and biological age, your body's greatest health risk factor.

We measure your biological age.

An epigenetic test measures the dynamic process of methylation in your DNA. Changes in methylation occur with changes in your lifestyle and with aging. DNA methylation testing is a reliable measure of your biological age.

DNA methylation patterns change with age. By measuring them, we can gauge how old you are by the way your genes are currently expressing themselves.

BioViva’s TimeKeeper™ gives you the most data on the market, so your information can grow with scientific discovery. 

Learn how your lifestyle is working for you by taking the test that is the best measurement of biological aging!

  • Most data available

  • Easy to use - saliva-based sample

  • Help BioViva find a cure for aging 

  • Get a free year of BioKeeper™ to store your results, compare them with others, and gain insights into how your lifestyle changes affect your epigenome and other critical components of your health.

  • Results may help you save money on interventions that don't work

  • Get several data points on different aging markers

  • You own your data - download your raw data anytime

  • See Fact Sheet: Click here for PDF

    With every purchase of the TimeKeeper™, you will get 1 year free of the BioViva BioKeeper™

    Loved By Many Customers

    Rating: Awesome!

    Showing my age has decelerated by a few years from my biological age, is exciting. A couple of years ago, I did a DNA telomeres test, and the results from another company weren’t as exciting and, it showed I was at a age of 67. So, by continuing daily exercise, increase in NADS, and working on a balanced diet and adding metformin, I’m extremely pleased at the results you’ve shown me with the methylation DNA kit.

    Saundra Wexler

    Excellent Service

    I was looking for a research-quality methylation test. After talking with BioViva and their labs I will be using this kit for patients. Thanks, BioViva for doing it right.

    Joel Drury

    Wonderful Service

    Excuse my English.

    TimeKeeper is great service. Aging kills us and we need to get it under control! That's why I got TimeKeeper. It's why I get it every six months. I want to know how I'm doing. TimeKeeper tells me.

    Keep up the great work!

    Olga Vedeneyev